Anyone can pick up a camera and take a snapshot – and perhaps they will capture the spirit of the moment. But to be able to have not only the moment captured – but to have it done so beautifully that it can be blown up and hung on a wall to be appreciated for decades – well, that does take some talent. And time. And investment.

As with so many other experiences in the art-world, a part of the beauty of the finished product lies in the appearance of ease. But the finished gallery that you view, along with the ordering of your prints and wall art is a time investment on my end and a dozen hours or more of both shooting and editing, along with an investment of hundreds of dollars in equipment.

We spend hundreds of dollars on the mundane “stuff” of life – but the investment of custom photography is an investment in memory; it is the capture of a moment in time that will never come again. Your life is precious. Your love is wondrous. And this time is fleeting.